Selected Poems 1972-1990

Peter Scupham
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The intriguing poem 'Twist of Water' presents a beautiful metaphor for this duality, that sense that time is "pouring" itself away and yet holding steady.

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The style of the poems also holds different qualities in balance: both formal and conversational they encompass lines of great beauty and gravitas with a tempering wit. Scupham's reading is a pleasure to listen to as he brings out these contrasting tones. The sequence of poems written in his father's voice is delivered with a particular warmth and energy.

It succeeds in being simultaneously funny and elegiac, an appropriate note for a poet so adept at recording our "desolate and cosy" lives 'Night Kitchen'. Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature Prize website. Explore poetry Browse poems Browse poets Special collections. Image by Caroline Forbes. A Twist of Water Peter Scupham. V E Day Peter Scupham. Read this poem. The Gatehouse Peter Scupham. The Nondescript Peter Scupham. Previous Next. About Peter Scupham Peter Scupham b.

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Selected Poems: (Oxford Poets S.) [Peter Scupham] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This selection, made by Peter Scupham. Selected poems, [Tom Paulin] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This collection of poems, from to , is selected from A.

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