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And Hey Bulldog…Paul, did anybody vote on that one? But there's not a single repeat of any song we did in That was my plan from the beginning. That's 70 songs we've covered now. You'd think we'd be starting to get to the depths of the really bad songs, but I could pick another 30 and they would still be amazing. Yellow Matter Custard's setlist.

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Portnoy says they could do 30 more and they'd still be winners. Gilbert: "Two days. It was an intense two days, but it was very gratifying. And everybody did do their homework. We'd get together - 'Let's try this one.

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She's A Woman - when you first hear it, you're deceived into thinking they're downbeats, but as soon as the band comes in, you realize it's all on the up. Black hairy tongue syndrome. Matt Bissonette's range is similar to my range, and Paul and Neal's, too, so at first we were able to do a lot of John, Paul and Ringo songs. Should I Call? A collection of mucus can be cream colored. Many foods contain dyes or colorants that can stain the tongue yellow, or are sticky and remain stuck to the tongue, discoloring its surface.

Something people don't talk about enough is what great singers The Beatles were. They were an incredible vocal band.

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How much attention do you place on getting the vocals and harmonies right? Portnoy: "Playing the music is easy. The majority of our rehearsals was figuring out who was going to sing what and distributing the tunes. We're not singing by character, so we're picking who should tackle what song and getting the vocals right - that was the challenge.

Once the master list was laid out and the setlist was chosen, everybody started checking off their preferences and the songs they wanted to sing. But it wasn't until we got in a room together that we figured out how to make it all work. As a drummer, Mike, does it feel strange to play such a minimal kit? You're known for playing some pretty massive setups. Portnoy: "It doesn't feel strange, because this is the kind of kit I started on.

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I love playing on small kits. Other than Dream Theater, most of the side projects have involved small kits - maybe not this small. But I really enjoy it. The only difference here is that I'm using one bass drum pedal. I always play with a double pedal. This and the Zeppelin tribute have been the only times I've used only one bass drum and one a pedal. Portnoy: "I mentioned this at the Chicago show yesterday, and I think this sums it up. I never listened to the drums in Penny Lane, for instance. I've been listening to that song for something years. Heard it a million times, know the song inside and out musically, melodically, the production… I didn't pay attention to the drumming until I had to learn the drums for this.

And I listened to the drumming in the song He's playing the most perfect part. He was perfect for the band, and quite groundbreaking. You know, until then, there weren't any drummers that were playing what he was playing. If you watch those early '64 recordings, he's really digging in and playing with a lot of fire.

I had to figure out what to play for this gig, because one track's doing a shuffle [imitates the sound], and then the other's going [imitates a pounding floor tom].

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And in every Beatles song, you'll hear tambourines and cowbells and all of these inventive applications of drumming and percussion. Some of that might have been George Martin, but ultimately, Ringo was doing it. He gets all the credit in the world in my book for doing that. And Paul, being that you're the lead guitarist, in delving into The Beatles' catalogue and playing it live, what have you discovered about George Harrison?

Gilbert: "There's a lot of upbeats.

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Yellow Matter Custard is a Beatles tribute supergroup consisting of Mike Portnoy Neal Morse (ex-Spock's Beard, Transatlantic, Flying Colors, The Neal Morse. It's a little past 4pm as Yellow Matter Custard - guitarist Paul Gilbert, drummer Mike Portnoy, guitarist and keyboardist Neal Morse and bassist.

She's A Woman - when you first hear it, you're deceived into thinking they're downbeats, but as soon as the band comes in, you realize it's all on the up. The Word…he's playing on the syncopated rhythm, rather than the down.

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There's a lot of space. And the soloing stuff, I mean, there's definitely a lot of '60s players who were influenced by the blues guys, and George is no exception. If you listen to some of the stuff he played on Abbey Road, there's some great blues lines. I'll sit down and try to figure out what he's doing, and I'll be like, 'Oh, I can play that.

But then I'll quiz myself later on and see if I can remember it, and I'll listen to it again and I'll go, 'It was simpler than what I just tried to do. But for all time, they're master composers. The Beatles had a lot more going on. There's piano, a couple of guitar parts, percussion… And this blows my mind, because I don't have enough brainspace to arrange that in myself. I was listening to them and I went [slaps his knee], 'They're so clever! Why I can't I be that clever?

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I wouldn't have thought of that. If I would've written that song, I'd have put in some bonehead chords and be doing downbeats the whole time, too much distortion…'".

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Portnoy: "On their early albums, they sound like a live band because they were a live band. And Let It Be is very much like that, because that's what they were trying to get at. But then if you listen to Rubber Soul, Revolver, Sgt. There's so much depth. They broke every rule in the book, and they rewrote a whole new book of rules, and nobody's been able to top it. You've kind of touched on this, but in bringing The Beatles' music to the stage, are you amazed at what they accomplished in such a short period of time? Portnoy: "The length of time is astonishing. That's unbelievable. You look at the clean-cut guys on Ed Sullivan in , and then in '67 and '68 they're full-blown hippies with beards and long hair - and that's only three years later!

They accomplished, in seven years or so, what most bands don't - musically, personally or stylistically - over a year career. Just imagine: You're the biggest band in the world, every girl wants you, and you decide, 'We're going to make this album sound totally different from the last one. This is working! Don't change. Keep the suits on, keep writing the same stuff. MusicRadar The No.

A Yellow Discharge from the Eye

It only looks complicated. Beck is currently putting the finishing touches on a novel. The eye's defense against many infections and foreign bodies usually appears in the form of discharge in the corner. The color of the discharge may vary, though it often appears yellow. Knowing about yellow eye discharge and different symptoms that often accompany it might help prevent continued problems with eye infections or other eye conditions.

Mike Portnoy, Paul Gilbert on The Beatles and Yellow Matter Custard

The doctor or her technician will check vision and intraocular pressure. She will examine the outside of the eye for signs of redness or irritation and then examine inside the eye to determine the cause of the discharge from the eye. In most cases, the doctor will not need to dilate the pupils for this type of eye examination.

Other symptoms may appear with the yellow discharge, such as itching, redness or changes in vision. The eye may have the sensation of having a foreign body in it, and it might be watery. Some patients also might notice that they have swollen eyelids. Even though doctors can see most symptoms, patients should discuss any changes during the examination since each symptom might help identify the problem.

Yellow discharge from the eye generally results from conjunctivitis, an eye infection frequently also called pink eye. Infections result from a variety of causes, such as seasonal allergies or contact with someone with a contagious condition.